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I can’t

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white people do not get to say whats racist and whats not

when a person of color tells you something youre doing is racist, you fucking listen and stop doing it

i dont care if it seems unreasonable or if south park told you its okay, it is not that hard to stop doing it

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"Bang Bang" by Jessie J, Ariana Grande, & Nicki Minaj

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pARISA ffff i need those tags for accuracy help me

he does that wince-frown two other times in the movie; later in this same scene

and earlier in the film, during the conversation with Pierce in the bank vault. Yeah. That frown he does after he goes “but I knew him”.

That expression was 100% Bucky Barnes.

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roosterteeth meme: [3/10] minecraft let’s plays → episode 100 + clues

"What are we doing on this nice sunday afternoon, Geoff?"
"We’re spending hours upon hours upon hours building a world in minecraft for one second prank.” (x)

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let’s all take a moment to remember the fact that joel made a video in la noire about someone stealing his stapler

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