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maybe rt doesn’t realize that for the first time they’re largely writing for an audience who has been on weiss’ end of things more than they’ll ever be on jaune’s

maybe rt still thinks they’re telling a story to the boys who have had the pretty girl shoot them down, and not for the girls who live day in and out surrounded by the boys who won’t take no for an answer

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Laverne Cox corrects Gayle King on CBS

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we need a deadpool marvel movie

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Ok, friends, have a seat. I wanna school you on a thing.

Do you recognize this kickass lady, here? It’s ok if you don’t. That’s why we’re having this talk. This adorbs vision is none other than the freaking fabulous Maurissa Tancharoen, writer, producer, and fucking showrunner for Marvel’s Agents of SHIELD.

Y’all like Agents of SHIELD, right? Like all that snappy dialogue? Those great characters? Mo Tancharoen is who you should be thanking. Yeah, I know we’ve got the Whedon name slapped all over everything, and yeah that ups the numbers. But, y’all, Joss fucked off to go work on Avengers 2. This bonafide badass is who he left flying the quinjet.

Oh, did you see Doctor Horrible’s Sing-along Blog? Yeah, a lot of that was her, too. And Much Ado About Nothing? That eerie, gorgeous soundtrack? Also her. Were you one of those folks, like me, who thought Dollhouse was genius and really could have been something amazing? Guess who ran the show on that one. 

That’s right. 

Oh yeah, and she worked on the Avengers script, too. Also those Spartacus series on STARZ that apparently a lot of people liked. 

Basically, Mo Tancharoen is a goddess of geek media, and, y’know, Asian-American with Thai roots. So she is an extra hardcore WoC getting shit done.

So when you talk about AoS - the good and the bad, the writing, the story arcs, and all the other shit we flail about - there is no fucking reason to bring Joss into it unless you’re talking about how this glorious queen’s contributions are erased and overshadowed by this white dude.

Maurissa Tancharoen, friends. Now you know.

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I can’t stop making these.

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Anna Akana: things every girl should know (x)

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"Uh, there’s been a disturbance nearby, by a rather handsome bio-terrorist, he decided to vandalize your billboard.”

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Nico Vega - Beast (BioShock Infinite Extended Version)

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RT Life + Miles Luna

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